Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris VIII SMP


                          Mata Pelajaran             : BAHASA INGGRIS
                            Kelas                        : VIII/8 SMP/Mts
                        Hari/Tanggal          : ................. 
                          Waktu                          : 09.00-10.30 WIB 

1. Perhatikan dan ikuti petunjuk pengisian Lembar Jawaban yang disediakan; 
2. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum Anda menjawab;
3. Laporkan kepada pengawas kalau terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas, rusak atau jumlah soal kurang;
4. Dahulukan mengerjakan soal-soal yang Anda anggap mudah;
5. Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling benar dengan menghitamkan bulatan jawaban;
6. Apabila Anda ingin memperbaiki/mengganti jawaban, bersihkan jawaban semula dengan penghapus sampai bersih, kemudian hitamkan bulatan jawaban yang menurut Anda benar;
7. Periksalah seluruh pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas.

A. Berilah tanda silang (x) didepan huruf a,b,c atau d didepan jawaban yang benar !
1. Mother : Do you mind opening the window, please ?
Dona : I am sorry..........
A. why not C. I can’t
B. I do it D. With a pleasure
2.    Danar : ………………….
Febby : Thank you, but I can do by myself
A. Let me help you bring the books C. Let you help bring the book 
B. Do you help me bring the book D. Do you like the books
3. Audy : I am thirsty, ……………….., please ?
Nilam : Sure. Here you are
A. Can you give me a drink C. Will you have to drink
B. Do you like to drink D. Do you want to drink
4. Ferdy : ...................................... ?
Tina : I’m sorry. I’m still using it.
A. Can I help you? C. Do you need my help? 
B. where is my pencil sharperner? D. May I borrow your pencil sharperner?
5. Kelvin invites Andre to go to swimming pool, but Andre dislikes swimming.
Kelvin : Are you free today Andre ?
Andre : Why ?
Kelvin : Let’s go to swimming pool, do you like swimming ?
Andre : ………….
A. Yes, I do C. Yes, I have
B. No, I don’t D. No, I haven’t
6. Frans : “.............................. to the airport!”
Keke : “Just the taxi. It is the easiest way.”
A. Could you tell me how to get C. You wouldn’t tell me the way
B. I will tell you how to get D. Would you describe a taxi
7. Lana : What do you think of our new English teacher?
Leni : ..............................
A. We have a new English teacher C. What’s her name
B. She is very patient D. You lie
8. Angel : What do you think of this book ?
Joya : ………………………
A. I have borrowed it from Meli C. It’s very expensive
B. I don’t think so D. It is the recreational area
9. Rasya : What do you want to drink ?
Lulu : Just a glass of water. Thanks.
The underlined utterance expresses …………..
A. asking for information C. offering something
B. inviting someone D. commanding someone
10. Guest : Can I have a blanket ?
Receptionist : …………… Here you are
A. Sorry, I have you are C. It is not for you
B. I am sorry D. Certainly
11. Hendy : Everything is expensive now
Yendi : I …….. with you. Even for a bus, plane, and ship ticket
A. agree C. Disagree
B. come D. go
12. Luna : “Next  week is our mother’s birthday.”
Shita : “.....................................................?”
Luna : I agree with you.
A. When was she born? C. How about giving her a present?
B. How old is she? D. How is your mother?
13. Veni : How do you like your uniform, Miko ?
Miko : Wonderful ! …………..
A. I really like it C. I was certain
B. I was sorry about it D. I don’t like it
14. Apri : How about writing a poem ?
Dodi : ……………. It is my hobby
A. Sorry C. I extremely agree
B. I don’t like it D. I like it
15. Ari : ……………
Ara : Do they ?
A. They will play tennis at the court C. They play tennis at the court
B. They will not play tennis at the court D. They don’t play tennis at the court
16. Boni : Fury is facing the final exam
Bona : …………..
A. Does she ? C. Is he ?
B. Will she ? D. Is she ?
17. Danang : What happened the next ?
Vanesa : …………. We ate and drank together while we were hearing the music
A. First C. At last
B. After that D. Finally
18. Mrs. Ine : Well, I think it is enough ………..
Nino : See you
A. Hi C. See you
B. Hello D. Tomorrow

For questions 19 and 20  complete the following dialogue with suitable word!
Ratna : ……………. (19), Who’s speaking please ?
Rani : Hello, I am Rani. Can I speak to Dewi ?
Ratna : Sorry, Rani. Dewi is not at home. Is there any message ?
Rani : Well, tell her that I phone her and I wait for her at my house this evening
Ratna : OK. I will tell your message
Rani : Thank you, Ratna, ………… (20)
Ratna : See you
19. A. Good morning B. Hello C. Bye D. See you
20. A. See You B. Nice to meet you C. Good bye D. Hello

Read the text to answer questions 21-24
Malin Kundang
Once upon a time, there was  a young man named Malin Kundang. He lived with his single parent, that was his mother in a village near a forest, in west Sumatra. His mother loved him very much, so did he.
One day, Malin Kundang wanted to go to leave his home area to make his fortune. He asked for permission from his mother and her promised that he would come back as a rich man. His mother allowed him.
Malin worked in a big ship. He was a diligent worker. His boss was satisfied with what he had done. Then everything, changed. He was a rich man. He married with his boss daughter.
 In his marriage life, he and his wife visited his village. Everybody saw him and told his coming to his mother. His mother met him. Unfortunately, Malin didn’t admit her, He was ashamed to his wife that his mother was a poor villager. He used to say to his wife that his families were rich.
His mother was surprised hearing what Malin said that she was not his mother. His mother prayed, if he rich man was not her son, she apologized, but if he was her son, she wanted god gave the justice.
Later on, the sky became dark, there was thunder bolts see med to make the sky broke. Malin’s mother got the justice that Malin changed into the stone.
21. With whom did Malin Kundang live ?
A. His grandmother C. His father
B. His grandfather D. His mother
22. Where did he work ?
A. in a hotel C. in a big ship
B. in a market D. in a company
23.  “ Then everything changed, He was a rich man “ (part.3).
The underlined word refers to  ………
A. his boss C. his mother
B. Malin Kundang D. his father
24. Where did the story happen ?
A. West Sumatra C. West Kalimantan
B. West Java D. West Papua
Read the text to answer questions 25-28
Before Going to School This Morning
This morning, I wake up at four o’clock, it was earlier than my usual activity. It was still too morning. That was why I just stayed in my room.
I re-opened my books. I read a history book. I remembered that I would get an oral history test. When I was hearing “adzan” I prayed. After that, I helped my mom to clean our house. I swept the floor and then I washed the dirty eating utensils. I saw sister Lisa helping mother in the kitchen They were preparing breakfast.
I had finished my duty. I took bath. Then I had breakfast with my family. At last, I asked for permission to parents to go to school with my sister Lisa by our bikes.
The events above were my activities this morning.
25. What does the text tell us about ?
A. Activities after going to school C. Activities before going to school
B. Activities tomorrow morning D. Daily activities
26. What time did the writer wake up this morning ?
A. at 5.00 a.m. C. at 5.00 p.m.
B. at 4.00 a.m. D. at 4.00 p.m.
27. What is the main idea of the first paragraph ?
A. The writer wakes up early C. We wake up early
B. The writer wakes up lately D. The writer just stayed in his room
28. “It was earlier than my usual activity”
The underlined word refers to ………….
A. Tomorrow C. Morning
B. Tomorrow morning D. This morning

Read the text to answer questions 29-30
For          : Silvi
Date        : March 24th, 2010
Time        : 7.00 p.m.
Place       : Hanamasa Restaurant, Pondok Indah Mall
Clothes    : Casual
You are invited to the greatest birthday party ever !
Please phone if you can’t come.
Given by

29. When will Ningrum hold her party ?
A. In the morning C. In the evening
B. In the night D. In the afternoon
30. What should Silvi do if she can’t come to the party ?
A. Tell the restaurant waiter
B. Confirm to the right place
C. Send Ningrum wedding invitation 
D. Contact Ningrum a few days before  
Read the text to answer questions 31-32
Guy, Sorry I can’t attend your invitation today, cause my uncle is sick, and I must accompany him to the hospital.
Thanks a lot.
31. What is the message about ?
A. Informing about the absence C. Asking for information
B. Complaining about the service D. Replying the complain
32. Whom does Purwanto accompany to the hospital ?
A. Himself C. His uncle
B. Dezen D. His mother
33. Arrange the following words into a good sentence !
the – are – reserved – pedestrians – for – pavements 
 1       2          3                 4             5            6
A. 6-5-4-3-2-1 C. 1-2-3-4-5-6
B. 1-6-2-3-4-5 D. 1-6-2-3-5-4
34. Arrange the following words into a good sentence !
call – I – get – my – trunk – to – the – porter 
  1     2     3      4        5        6      7        8
A. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 C. 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
B. 2-1-7-8-6-3-4-5 D. 7-8-6-4-5-3-1-2
35. The story that tells about animals is called ………..
A. legend C. love story
B. fabel D. folktale
36. Rina and Dewi ………… their holiday to Yogyakarta
A. spends B. spent C. are spending D. to spend
37. When I …… in Junior High School, I was not a very diligent student.
In fact, I was quite lazy.
A. were B. at C. Am D. was
For questions 38 to 39 choose the suitable word to complete the text below!
……………….. (38) there was a kingdom in West Java. The kingdom was ruled by a king. People called their king His Majesty Prabu. Prabu was a kind and ……… (39) king. No wonder if that country was prosperous. There’s no hunger in this kingdom.
38. A. Long time ago B. Several times C. Long time later D. Next time
39.  A. cruel B. bad C. Wise D. wicked
40. Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph !
1. They prevent the soil from erosion and landslide
2. The water flows into the river
3. Men must take care of forests
4. A new spring emerges from the ground
5. Rain water doesn’t flow freely
6. It soaks to the ground
A. 3-2-4-1-6-5 B. 3-1-5-6-4-2 C. 3-6-4-5-1-2 D. 3-4-6-1-5-2
II. U r a i a n

41. Complete this dialogue with the suitable expression!
Romii : Did you watch the news last night? 
Fara : Unfortunately not. What  had happened?
Romi : There was a  terrible flood and thirty-four people were killed.
Fara : Sure. The damage to the earth is mainly caused by human activities.
Romi : .................................................. ?
Fara : I think floods would not happen so often if we took better care of the environment.
Romi : I ................. with you.

Read the text and answer questions 42 to 43!
I had my adolescence when I was thirteen.
It started with acne that showed up on my face. It was very annoying. It lowered my self-esteem and I was embarrassed to come out of my house and play with friends.
Fortunately, my Mum gave me a good medicine. In three weeks, the acnes started to vanish although those showed some black spots in my face.
That was my bad experience with adolescence, though there were still lots of good experience too.
42. How old the writer had adolescence?
43. What happened during the writer’s adolescence period?
44. Change the verbs in the brackets into the right forms (Past Tense)!
I (go) to Rahman’s house yesterday to do homework. After finishing the homework, Rahman (make) rujak. Rahman likes spicy food. Actually, I (am not use) to eating spicy food, but yesterday I could not restrain myself from eating it. The rujak was very tasty, although it was spicy. I (eat) it too much. The next morning I (get) stomachache and I could not go to school.
45. Complete this invitation with the suitable words!
I would like to ……… you to my birthday party. It will be held on:
Day and date : Thursday, May 3, 2012.
…….              : 10.00 a.m.
Place            : my home.
We will be very ………. if you can come to my party.
41. a. What do you think about it? / What’s your opinion about it?
      b. I agree with you / I’m with you
42. When the writer was thirteen (13 years old)
43. It started with acne that showed up on the writer’s face. It lowered self-esteem and the writer was embarrassed to come out of house and play with friends.
44.   a. went


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