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CONTOH SOAL– SOAL WRITING A. MELENGKAPI TEKS REPORT DENGAN KATA- KATA YANG TEPAT  For questions 1 to 7 choose the best words to complete the text. HOW FISH SWIM Most fish use their side, back, and tail fins for swimming. Fins (1) … movable, fanlike parts. A fish (2) … through the water by swinging its tail fins back and forth. A fish uses (3) ... other fins to steer (4) ... to stop. Sometimes the other fins also help it go fast through the water. Most fishes have bodies shaped like a torpedo. Their bodies are pointed at the head and at the tail. This streamlined body helps fish speed through water. Sailfish can swim as (5) …  as 70 miles per hour (110 kilometers per hour). (6) … fish have unusual shapes. Rays have flat, disc-shaped bodies. Large fins like wings go out from a ray’s head. To swim, rays flap the fins. Most fish also have swim bladders. They fill their swim bladders (7) … air. Their air-filled swim bladders act like life jackets. They keep the fish from sinking