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CONTOH SOAL LETTER Read the letter and answer questions 1 to 6. Dear Aiping, I wanted to write to you today to say that I have moved to Malang. My new address is Taman Malang Indah, Blok A 10 No 17 Malang Jawa Timur and now I go to SMP Perdana the best junior high school in town. You know that we have shared a lot of ups and downs throughout the past years during our school and I am very happy to count you as my friend.  At the same time, I also wanted to say that I expect to see you quite often in the coming years. I extend an open invitation to you, right now, to visit me and my family whenever you have some free time. I also expect to visit you and your family and I will let you know well in advance so we can plan to get together. I also wish you a success in your new school, and I hope you keep me up to date on what’s happening through email. Your friend, Wirdatul Amimy 1. Uraian: • Kemampuan yang diuji: Menentukan gambaran umum isi teks. • Indikator