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SOAL UAS SMT 1 KELAS XI IPA/IPS   Soal No. 1-50 adalah soal obyektif dan soal No. 51-55 adalah soal essay I.         Choose the correct answer A, B, C, D, or E READING Text 1 ( for questions number 1 – 6 ) One day in a village lived an old grandmother. She was called mbok Gendong. She was a widow. One particular day, she bought a fish net to catch fish. She wanted to replace her husband work. Since that time mbok Gendong always went to the beach to catch the fish. She threw the net and drew it back. Once, when she drew the net back, there was a gold snail hooked in her net. She put that snail in the clean water container, then she took it home. The day after that, she quitted as a fisher and sold a teak leaf again. But, it was not saleable. Then, she was back home with a disappointed feeling. When she got home, she found there was delicious food on the table. She asked around who made it but no one answered. She was puckish and mindlessly, so she directly eate