Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The American school system

The American school system

We have a question and ask me to talk about it school system in America. How it works in different years and all are good questions from the UK system, it is confusing I don't know how it works except for Americans. This system is quite easy for me so we first have an elementary school. Primary school which is third or fifth grade and sixth grade is elementary school, it can be said our elementary school can say our elementary school can also say grade school school same thing elementary school elementary school 1 to grade 6, now where do I go to school then we have junior high school and actual middle school. We always say junior another name for junior high is junior high, is junior now the term there I go junior or junior high is 7th and 8th grade so we can also say 7th and 8th grade then where I go to school we have height.

The next school is middle school and we say we don't just say hi, we say middle school so junior high school junior high school and junior high school are ninth grade 10th grade 11 and 12th grade now ninth grade 11th grade 11th grade 12th, there is a another name we say grade 9 middle school is also the same as new grade 10 students are second year students now see the spelling flow spelling is softer but the pronunciation is sophomore sophomore then it's young sophomore and then senior. So I was a freshman when I was a freshman. I was 15 years old when I was a student, in my second year I was 16 when I was in middle school, I was 17 years old and when I was senior, I was 18 years old. 

In America when you are Your second year students get your driver good license so when i was a kid, my second year of middle school and high school went to school, we had a parking lot i like that, now some of the schools where my mother went to school they also had a middle school but i am a middle school mom actually seventh grade and eight and my mother she didn't go to high school she went to high school and high school 10 is grade 11 and grade 12. Actually people in middle school are new students and last year new students and senior high school were junior juniors and seniors. Some schools do have a number of different methods so in America according to the law you have to go through all 12 years of school and public schools for free yes they are free of course there are fees that you can find bands and uniforms and things like that. But books and tuition are free now we also have something called a kindergarten so when you are six years old you go to kindergarten and it's only half a day of school. You don't do anything, you sing, you play, you draw for half a day, and then you know six, seven, first grade, then 12 years.

Now I am twelve thirteen twelve years old is sixth grade and then whatever uh so here it is today they also have preschool preschool preschool going to kids three years and four years old so if you are a working parent father parents parents who work well preschool it is also usually half a day, not preschool sometimes they call it caring day but child care there will be one word child care can even be two years younger, three years old and they really don't do things like that silly things so this is a typical school now.

The colleges that we have at City College we can also call them technical schools or technical colleges in community colleges to become City Technical Colleges. And this is two years, usually two years, sometimes longer, they need two years to complete, um, we don't say our junior level students, don't say that we say first year students, second year students, and these people usually study certain jobs, so certain fields. then we have universities now in America, when we say our universities also say colleges are the same thing in America because universities consist of colleges College. The School of Medical Engineering gives lectures in sociology there are many different colleges, so I say I go to college, I actually go to the University of Minnesota University, but I say I go to college in America, in America where you go to college go to Harvard where you study, I studied at the University of Minnesota the same thing. If someone asks where you are going to college you can say i went to wherever that.


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