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Choosing The Career Path That Suits You Best

Requires a lot of mental reflection and personal reflection, when deciding on a career. Your skills, desires, and dreams become the path you must choose. We will describe how to choose the career path that suits you best through this article.

I. Identify your interests.

1. List down the topics that you are normally drawn to – those you find interesting and enjoyable.\

2. Your interests should be independent of the opinions of other people, such as your teachers, parents, relatives, and friends. Although they greatly influence who you are, your choices should still come from yourself.

3. Here are a few examples of interest areas:

a. Arts

b. Current Events

c. Social Issues

d. Commerce

e. Enterprising

f. Literature

g. Athletics

h. Religion

i. Music

II. Review your values.

1. Values are what motivate us and move us toward specific actions, goals, decisions, and behaviors. They serve as “personal truths” from which our self-fulfillment, esteem, and resilience develop.

2. The things we value greatly influence our decision-making process when it comes to our careers. They can greatly define our level of satisfaction with our future professions.

3. Here are some examples of values that can influence career-related choices:

a. Accountability

b. Resourcefulness

c. Competitiveness

d. Growth

e. Humility

f. Independence

g. Diligence

h. Patriotism

i. Loyalty

j. Service

III. Highlight your skills.

1. Skills are the things that you have the ability to do well.

2. Assessing these allow you to determine which ones you want to further develop, nourish, accomplish, and achieve.

3. These also indicate what you would likely enjoy doing by way of profession.

4. For example, you are a person who works well with children. Although simple, this skill can actually give you opportunities to future jobs such as being a pediatrician, preschool teacher, and social worker.

IV. Define your personality.

1. Your personality traits refer to your innate nature as an individual.

2. Understanding your personality allows you to see correlations between your working style and the choices that you make in the future.

V. Perform some research.

1. Do some research and find out what possible careers match your interests, values, skills, and personality traits.

2. You can start by looking for general fields such as health, education, politics, arts, research, or business.

3. After picking a field, start going specific. For example, if you are interested in health, you can look for prospective careers such as medicine, nursing, biochemistry, public health, and so on.

4. After choosing a profession that suits you, find out about the qualifications needed in order to succeed in such path.

Always take your time in considering the career pathways that can suit you best. If you find yourself having a hard time in making decisions, you can always seek help from friends and family. You can also hire a life coach for professional guidance.


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