Wednesday, January 22, 2020

What is Manager


What is Manager

Manager a manager is an employee of the organization who is in charge of the organization or its department he someone who manages the entire affairs of the organization and is responsible for the working and performance of the concerned department or unit.

He is the one who takes routine decisions and has a group of subordinates who reports to him or her about the day-to-day operations basically a manager performs five basic functions these are planning organizing staffing directing and controlling planning is to decide beforehand what is to be done in future next is organizing which means organizing the activities processes and the resources of the organization as in assignment of tasks delegating authority to subordinates and allocation of resources then is staffing staffing involves recruitment and selection of personnel for carrying out various activities next function is directing it entails guiding and supervising the subordinates to make sure that the efforts are made in right direction last but not the least controlling function involves monitoring the activities of workers and establishing standards and comparing them with the actual performance to take necessary steps for correction in case of any variations.

One of the main characteristic of a manager is coordination which entails integrating the activities of the organization and synchronizing the efforts to ensure that all the activities are performed in tandem leader as the name suggests a leader is someone who leads he has the power to convince inspire and motivate others as well as makes them follow the instruction to work in a desired direction he is someone who holds a dominant in a given field and has the ability to influence a group of people towards achievement of objectives.

He has good communication skills full sightedness and a clear vision the qualities of a good leader includes decision-making ability accountability creativity and innovation commitment and passion towards the goal and encouraging others difference between manager and leader meaning a manager is a person who is responsible for managing the entire organization on the other hand a leader is someone who influences the subordinates towards attainment of desired objective when manager aims at directing and controlling people a leader aims at motivating and inspiring people a manager has subordinates who reports to him about the day-to-day activities whereas a leader has followers who follows him next the primary skill of a manager is quick decision-making with respect to various matters of the organization and coordinating the activities of the management on the other hand a leader has four sightedness when it comes to approach a manager plans the activities of the organization whereas a leader sets direction if we talk about leadership style the manager follows transactional leadership style that involves the wards and punishments for motivating the subordinates on the other hand a leader follows transformational leadership style in which the leader employs his charisma to inspire his followers in achieving the goal while managers tries for efficiency as he believes in doing the things in right manner a leader strives for effectiveness in doing the right things next while a manager focuses on the processes of the organization the focus is on his people a leader is a change agent and so he promotes change which is for the betterment of his followers on the other hand a manager reacts to change a manager tries to avoid conflict as he believes that it is going to hamper the growth and performance of the organization as against a leader uses conflict as an asset to provoke people in doing better than others lastly when it comes to perspective a manager has a short-range perspective whereas a leader has a long-range perspective well friends this brings me to the end of this lesson I hope you find the lesson very useful.

I am sure that all your doubts regarding the difference between manager and leader is cleared now however if you want to study the topic further in detail you can visit our official website that the sky reference is calm here you can find a detailed comparison of leader and manager along with their definition.


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